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Membership:  Current membership is approaching a respectable 1,200 (and we are seeking to recruit).
How to join:  anyone living in Highlands Ward is welcome to join WERA.
If you are not yet a member simply contact our Membership Secretary (Jackie Smith).
No form filling is required, we just need your family name and first line of address.
Membership of the Association costs £1 (one pound) per household, per annum.

Communications:  Your Committee wishes to engage residents in an open, constructive and civilised exchange of news, views and needs.
We are also keen to share useful information about everything in and around Highlands Ward through our website and on newsletters.
Publication will always be discretionary and regulated in terms of who will read and what we print and when it is visible.
So - if YOU believe anything you have to say would be
relevant for others in the Ward to know, please tell us.
The same applies if you have any observations about accessibility of content on these pages.
Our site is up-dated frequently.  Why not add us to your favourites list for quicker reference.

Location:  our seven individual Committee Members can be reached using the following numbers:



John Allan

020 8363 1705

Tony Burton

020 8363 5054.

Dave Cockle

020 8366 2242

Stephen Elston

020 8366 9908

Jackie Smith

020 8366 6371

Dudley Willan

020 8363 1513



now has a Facebook page. This is accessible on application.  Please quote your surnamehouse number and post-code.  
Generally, Highlands Ward residents are eligible to join; with some honorary additions such as those in public service to our community, 
Forthcoming events and items or developments of local interest may be posted by the Committee - and by members, subject only to scrutiny by Moderators. 
We do not expect any problems but please contact us with any concerns about the forum or its subject matter.

e-Mail WERA at  
e-Mail the Webmaster at: stephen.elston@btinternet.com

Non-urgent issues are addressed during our informal 'Committee Only' meetings, held four times a year; usually in a quiet corner of the Jolly Farmers pub.
If any matter requires immediate attention we will confer and act without delay!

General Data Protection Regulations
WERA holds very few e-mail addresses in its records and, as a matter of policy, will not broadcast to members in this way. 
Nor will it disclose unneccesarily the identity of other members.
If you think we have your e-mail address and you wish to leave our list please let us know. 
Home addresses 
will never be published and are shared with your local Ward Envoy only on a 'need to know' basis.

The approaches we make to you are usually ‘face to face’ and you have an opportunity to indicate, each year, whether or not you wish to remain a member of the Association.

The Press:
A particular topic might be worth reporting (or a pertinent article might be quoted on this site).
In such circumstances we may have recourse to local newspapers.
The Enfield Independent (now available more readily on-line) is acknowledged. 
So too is the Enfield Dispatch - describing itself as the Borough's free community newspaper.

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Website Usage

The tally for visits from February 2015 to the present is shown on the counter above.  This number is rising continuously but equates to about 760 per month or 25 per day.  While your Webmaster has been active, a significant percentage of visits will also originate from interested parties, outside Highlands, and from a few residents who are not members of WERA.  Experts advise that ‘visits’ are more important than ‘hits’ as they show more clearly when site content is actually read. 

Given the key criteria of increased membership and greater website awareness the Association will look to such metrics in demonstrating progress in future.  However, developing a habit of web-use takes time and we have some way to go before we are fully part of the 'online' generation.

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