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Highlands ward falls in the parliamentary seat of Enfield North held (from 12th December 2020) by the Labour MP Feryal Clark In 2013 the total population of Highlands Ward was estimated to be 13,500.  It is projected to increase by 3.2% in the next five years.  Fewer people (2,250) are under the age of 15 years than in any other borough.  On the other hand, those over the age of 65 years (2,600) is the second highest, conceding only to Cockfosters.  The demographic is relatively stable.  Predictably, white British make up the majority of around 61%.  

Most residents have lived here for many years and will continue to do so. Others leave for a variety of reasons:  children become adults and move into their own homes while elderly adults often move into care homes.  Arriving in the ward are young families, and economic migrant workers.  Nevertheless, the proportion of people not born in the UK is the second lowest of any borough (20.2%) with only Enfield Town having a smaller percentage.

Highlands welcomes diversity of people, families and social groups.  In almost street here you will find people who have made new lives, who are thriving and making a positive contribution to the community.  On this page we include news of services or facilities that are of help or interest to one and all.

Hidden Heroes?  The objectives of WERA would be impossible to achieve without the help of our Ward Envoys.  They collect annual subscriptions, deliver newsletters and in some cases convene as officers of the Committee.  At last count we had thirty eight stalwarts (over two thirds of them female) from every part of the Highlands Ward.  As the London Underground poster declares about ticket inspectors:  it’s easy to tell who they are - they look just like you and me!  If you'd like to help spread the word our Membership Secretary will gladly take your call (see our Contact page).


Doghan (Don) Delman, before he retired in 2017, served as our Ward Councillor for twenty years.  During that period he held local government portfolios in direct and shadow cabinet roles and was Mayor of Enfield.  His career was distinguished by many achievements.  Of particular note, as Cabinet member for Housing, he pioneered an allocations policy which gives proportionate weight to key workers and borough residents.


Calling for Monitors in Highlands Ward!
Our after school community patrol will be spreading to Highlands starting on the 29th of April 2019.
The scheme is in place to help our children feel safer and has approval and support from our local police team.
We have strict guidelines to make sure the patrol is run safely and effectively by suitable volunteers.
If you live locally and would like to help then please register here with Sue Davey.

CycleEnfield covers everything to do with bikes for anyone who might ride them.
Cycle Enfield believes that enabling more of us to use bicycles, rather than cars, for more of our local journeys, can help make Enfield an even better place to live - for everyone.


At Healthwatch Enfield, it is our job to amplify your voice on the key issues that affect you when you use health and care services in the borough.
Emerging from the Health and Social Care Act 2012, local Healthwatches were set up in every local authority area of the UK.
These help put patients and the public at the heart of service delivery and improvement across the NHS and social care services.
To find out more click on the following link:  https://healthwatchenfield.co.uk

An alert from Enfield Trading Standards


We are being hit hard by bogus traders asking to assess roofs.  A number of you have had the misfortune of bogus builders and scam artists presenting as builders who are trying to scam you out of thousands of pounds.   Not everyone who comes to our front door is out to trick or take advantage, but be aware that some people are happy to prey on those who might be particularly vulnerable as a result of their age or a health problem. And criminals are increasingly using letters, phones and the internet as a way of tricking people out of their money, usually by promising amazing rewards to the victim at some point in the future if that person pays money up front, now.  Being a victim of this kind of behaviour can be extremely distressing and frightening and, in the worst cases, can lead to financial ruin for the person concerned.  

We would like to warn you against rogue traders and workmen claiming to be council contractors and offering to carry out private work, following recent incidents!  No Enfield Council contractor will tout for business ‘door to door’.  Call 03454 04 05 06 (the Citizens Advice consumer helpline) to report any such incident immediately.  

Such callers try to sell unnecessary products or services - or provides a service of a poor standard or which they are not properly qualified to provide.  They often target vulnerable people or people living alone, and can be quite clever and persuasive.  They will, frequently, offer to carry out repairs or building works on your home and garden, and can be persistent and convincing.  Many will overcharge their victims, provide a poor standard of work, and usually fail to give notice of a consumer's cancellation rights.  If a workman says you need repairs or building work, tell them you will get some quotes for the work from other companies and get back to them.  Always use a reputable company to carry out repairs or work on your property.

What to do:  If you are the victim of a rogue trader or bogus caller or have been tricked into giving away your money to a scammer, then don't be embarrassed and don't stay silent!  Reporting your experience may help you to get your money back, and will hopefully ensure that the culprits are brought to justice, and other people are protected from going through the same upsetting experience as you have been.

CALL THE COUNCIL:  Principal Fair Trading Officer- Consumer Protection/ Planning, Highways and Transportation/ Enfield Council/ Silver Street/ Enfield EN1 3 XH  Website www.enfield.gov.uk


IN EMERGENCIES CALL THE POLICE ON 999 or 101 to report an incident of FRAUD.

Don’t Keep Silent

A confidential Hotline has been set up to stamp out adult abuse in Enfield.  Trained staff are on hand to provide support and help.  The service supports a Council instigated clampdown on hate crime in Enfield.
Enfield Council is launching a campaign to ask residents, carers and staff to challenge abuse wherever it exists and to report it if they believe someone might be suffering abuse.
Abuse is when someone does or says something to make someone else feel upset, scared or frightened.  This is never acceptable and abuse is never the fault of the person being abused.
Most older and vulnerable people are well cared for but, unfortunately, abuse does happen and often by the very person they should be able to trust.
In Enfield reports of neglect and physical abuse are the most often reported, though many other forms exist. 
These include financial, psychological, sexual, discriminatory, domestic violence and organisational abuse.
The Council has specially trained staff who are here to provide support.  You will be listened to and your concerns taken seriously.

Please come forward and call in confidence the Enfield Adults Abuse Line on 020 8379 5212.
You can also report abuse on the Council website.
Textphone users please call 18011 020  8379 5212.
In an emergency you should always ring 999.  Do not ignore it.  Report it!

What is the U3A?  Unless you are beyond a 'certain age' (essentially retired) you might be unaware of The University of the Third Age.  Even if you have retired parents you might be too busy establishing your own life and caring for your own children to pay much attention to what 'the elders' do in their enviable spare time.  Someone near you is a member for sure, or could enjoy being a member.  The University of the Third Age (U3A) movement is a unique and exciting organisation which provides, through its many and various faculties, certain life-enhancing and life-changing opportunities.  Retired and semi-retired people come together and learn together, not for qualifications but the rewarding joys of discovery and self enlightenment.  The U3A is supported by its national organisation, the Third Age Trust.  If this applies and appeals to you why not make that first contact with a suitable branch in your neighbourhood - there will be more than one.  As the website succinctly states:  Members share their skills and life experiences:  the learners teach and the teachers learn, and there is no distinction between them.

We are pleased to give you a web link to
the Age Concern website which will inform you about all the services they provide.  You can also call Age Concern to discuss any matters. Their main switchboard number is:  020 8375 4120  If you'd like to visit them, Age Concern is in Vincent House at the junction of Southbury Road, Nags Head Road, Hertford Road and High Street, Ponders End.

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