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The Cabinet of Council for of the London Borough of Enfield has its headquarters at The Civic Centre in Baker Street.  It is formed of ten elected Councillors from the majority political party.  Its leadership, through eight executive divisions, takes the strategic decisions and holds responsibility for local government.  The Cabinet is subject to checks and approvals by non-executive Ward Councillors who focus on how the Council delivers services to local residents.

Ward Forums:  These events are conducted, on a quarterly basis, at the Civic Centre.  The 'area' format has been replaced by Ward Forums to accommodate adjacent Wards (Enfield Town and Highlands) with similar political constitutions.  All six Ward Councillors are expected to attend.  Residents (who attend voluntarily) must sign in, though Minutes are not necessarily taken.  In this public arena residents can be addressed on community and environmental services and may ask questions and table items of local accountability on matters of importance to them.

Our Councillors don’t have to live in their Wards but they are selected by local political parties and voted in by residents. 
Highlands are fortunate to have three hard working and conscientious Councillors (shown below) who represent our needs and opinions.


In order of appearance, they are: 

Glynis Vince  (020 8379 2589)
Lee David-Sanders  (020 8379 2589)
Joanne Laban (020 8351 1370)

Councillors can also be e-mailed by following the Councillors link, here. 
Scroll down the web page to Highlands Ward and click individual names.  
On each resulting profile page you’ll find relevant personal details.

Surgeries:  Specifically for Highlands residents our Councillors also hold regular surgeries.  These are not ordained by Cabinet but scheduled by Councillors on a voluntary basis and at least one of three Councillors is expected to be available.  Residents have an opportunity to meet them ‘face to face’ and raise concerns, less formally and more intimately.  There is no obligation on residents to attend and no ‘signing in’.  However, the WERA Committee has agreed that its Chairman should represent the Association at these consultations to air matters of relevance to the Ward and will always try to attend or be briefed on any significant proceedings when indisposed. (PLEASE NOTEDue to COVID19 pandemic these surgeries have been suspended until further notice.)

WERA Open Meetings:  At least one local Councillor endeavours to be present at Open Meetings.  This gives them an opportunity to elaborate on, or clarify, topics of local interest and importance to residents who, in turn, have an opportunity to meet each one socially and discuss certain issues in confidence.



Our Member of Parliament:  Feryal Clark (Labour Party) was elected on 12th December 2019 MP to represent Enfield North (by a majority of 6,492 on a turnout of 45,050).  Details of her surgery for Constituents will follow.  Meanwhile, please call 020 7219 3000 or e-mail:  feryal.clark.mp@parliament.uk



We have good community links with the Metropolitan Police in the guise of our local Safer Neighbourhood Team.  To contact the Safer Neighbourhood Team follow the link below.
Enter your postcode to map your Ward and find the Highlands neighbourhood project. 

Their dedicated Ward Team is as follows:

The telephone number for the Highlands Safer Neighbourhood Team is:  020 8721 2687.  e-Mail:  highlands.snt@met.police.uk
In an emergency always dial  999  In a non emergency situation always dial  101 


Community Action Partnership - Enfield (CAPE)

CAPE is a forum composed of representatives from The Royal Chase Neighbourhood Watch, St. Mary’s Neighbourhood Watch and other community minded individuals from Highlands Ward in conjunction with dedicated Safer Neighbourhood police officers.  Meetings are normally supported by one or more of our Ward Councillors.  CAPE meets in the vestry of St Mary Magdalene every five weeks.  The forum receives an update on crime in the ward and allows issues and concerns to be raised.  There is a constructive exchange of information and ideas.  Agreement is reached on how matters will be processed.  Normally, actions are taken by the Police or Council.



Enfield Road Watch is a campaign group comprising residents of Highlands Ward who are also members of WERA.  
Their brief is to resist any development that would have a negative impact on local highways, byways, side roads and suburban infrastructure.  
They are featured, in action, countering the threat to the A110 from the Fairview project to destroy adjacent Green Belt fields.  See OUR OPEN SPACES page.  
Their website provides more detail about current issues http://enfieldroadwatch.co.uk/  Click on the link to contact them and register support.  
All contributions of skill and experience are welcomed.


Enfield Climate Action Forum:  https://www.encaf.org (EnCaf) began as a group of local residents who want London Borough of Enfield to respond effectively to climate emergency.
It has now expanded to include almost 60 organisations in the Borough
.  WERA is one of them.


The Federation of Enfield Residents and Allied Associations  (F.E.R.A.A.)

On wider concerns that might affect more than one Ward, there is advantage to be gained from strength in numbers.  
WERA is affiliated to the Federation of Enfield Residents and Allied Associations (FERAA). 
Information about FERAA is on their website:  http://www.feraa.org.uk/ 

Wards in the borough who are affiliated to FERAA often have their own websites. 
Where links are provided these are published on the FERAA Associations page. 
You’ll find WERA there too!



This local organisation has its focus on civic and natural environments within (and immediately around) the London Borough of Enfield.
It promotes conservation and improvement for residents and visitors alike.
It also engages in monitoring and appreciation through a guided walks programme.
Within the Society there are groups with special interest in generic features of both urban and rural landscapes.
There is a convergence also of certain interests between WERA and the Society.
Its current Chairman is our own Committe Member: Dave Cockle.

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