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Shopping:  Highlands has two rather modest parades.  The first, off Bincote Road has only seven outlets.  However, the Newsagent and Pharmacy have been trading, under successive owners, for at least forty years.  The second parade, on Windmill Hill near the border with Enfield Town Ward has more; including two restaurants, a mini supermarket, a stylish fish and chip parlour and take-away curry house.  Personal grooming services seem well represented!

Highlands has two large 'gastro' pubs, including the iconic Jolly Farmers (McMullens) at the foot of Slades Hill on the outbound A110 Enfield Road and the equally refurbished Ridgeway Tavern on the A1005 fringe towards Potters Bar.

Of two garages currently on the Ward:  one, on Slades Hill, is a compact workshop for servicing and repairs of vintage vehicles.  The other, on the Ridgeway, is fuel filling, servicing and parts and MOTs.  There are no public 'pay to use' car parks in the Ward and the few ticket operated parking bays are situated on the north side of Windmill Hill approaching Enfield Chase rail station.

Highlands accommodates a farm (South Lodge) on agricultural land inside the western border.  Cereal crops were harvested in former years but the land is currently fallow.  There are many small businesses and professional services conducted from homes and on-line throughout the ward.

Within walking distance for many residents of west Highlands are numerous shops and a Library
(relocated from our ward) at Oakwood.  For many in the east Highlands a walk will take them to the more extensive and varied facilities (including an open market) in Enfield Town.  For the Ward’s southern residents shopping is a less convenient process.  Those in the north end of the Ward are least favoured, with journeys on foot not really an option.

Healthcare:  Highlands has a single GP surgery; in Bincote Road, off the A110 Enfield Road.  The partnership has operated in a semi-detached property for at least thirty years.  Practice details are set out on the Bincote Road Surgery website.  Capricorn Pharmacy (responding to medical prescriptions) is conveniently a short walk away, off Links Side.  Plans were mooted in recent times for the surgery to be relocated to purpose built premises on the site of the former library.  This is adjacent to a nearby slip road.  The land is now vacant and remains undeveloped. 

Support Your Local Pharmacy:   It seems many Health Service Managers not utilised, not performing or not needed may continue to languish within the system under ‘protected pay’ arrangements since it is too expensive and contentious to release them.  Meanwhile, local pharmacies are threatened with closure under Government plans for efficiencies.  Services offered by them are probably more comprehensive than you would expect.  For example, they can provide routine diagnostics, health advice and preventive medication - including innoculations.  This can frequently be accomplished without an appointment or additional cost. You can register your support at the counter, or online at www.supportyourlocalpharmcy.org


Enfield Drill Hall
The Drill Hall is a strong locally based community asset which has 3 badminton courts, an archery range and a meeting room for bookings.  There are kitchen, toilet and shower facilities.  Currently apart from badminton there are regular sessions for Southgate Amateur Radio Club, The Enfield Transport Circle, Super Stars under 5s multi sports and IQ fitness (kickboxing based fitness for children and adults of all levels of fitness and abilities).  Two of our Ward residents are members of the eight strong committee.  The website is www.enfielddrillhall.club which is very helpful for contact and information.


Dr. June Keyte trains the International Voices of Enfield, founded by her over 23 years ago.  Her husband, Christopher, is Associate Director.
The International Voices is a consortium of 6 Choirs for children and young adults aged between 4 and 24 years.
It meets on alternate Sundays from 1 - 5pm (depending on the choristers’ ages) at Palmers Green United Reformed Church in Fox Lane, N13 4LR
The Choirs represent 35 nations, host visiting international choirs and tour abroad.  Regular concerts are also held in the Borough.
For more details go to http://www.childrensinternationalvoices.co.uk/
If any of our young singers is interested in joining the Choirs they should contact June at:  020 8882 7404 or email:  keytemusic@gmail.com


Our cards and newsletters are printed by Sprint on Oakwood Parade.  We are pleased to acknowledge their good service.

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