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Salmon's Brook:  A substantial part of our ward is open countryside to the north, through which flows Salmon's Brook (our primary watercourse fed by tributaries, including Leeging Beech gutter from Trent Park and Merryhills Brook from Cockfosters.  Salmon's Brook runs by the Jolly Farmers at the base of Windmill Hill and is then joined by Glen Brook. The latter first tracks under suburban land out of Oakwood and supplies Boxers Lake, a scenic reservoir to the west end of the ward.  Water from this favoured fishing spot escapes over a weir, passes Merryhills Primary School and flows along Glenbrook South before merging.  

The augmented Salmon's Brook then meanders through Enfield Golf Course, out of Highlands (by way of Grange Ward) and, ultimately, into the River Lea (more about this tributary of the river Thames later on our page).  An artificial, elevated rainwater pond exists by Lakeside.  This does not form part of the river system but is, nevertheless, a sheltered and attractive spot with its own eco-system.

The Environment Agency holds comprehensive data on zones liable to flooding from river or surface water.  The Agency is active in building and approving flood defences at vulnerable points on our water courses.  News of these improvements will be included on these pages.  The Flood Map for your area is accessible.  Just key in your postcode:  the results are informative.

Enfield Council is now a Lead Local Flood Authority with responsibilities relating to local flood risk from surface water runoff, groundwater and small rivers, streams and ditches. Flooding from main rivers remains the responsibility of the Environment Agency.  The Flood and Water Management Act 2010 requires Lead Local Flood Authorities such as 
Enfield to develop and apply a Local Flood Risk Management Strategy that:




This magnificent bird was spotted, atop a semi-detached on Bincote Road.

From there it would have had clear sight of Boxer's Lake where it can, regularly, be seen fishing.
The island heronry is an extraordinary sight and, with its nesting colony, draws many observers to the lake in early summer.

We are lucky to have such a spectacular sign of environmental health and empowerment.


Sustainable Drainage (SuDS):  Much effort has been expended, both clearing Boxers Lake (and its banks) and removing pollution from Glen Brook (with a designed holding and filtration system along the lake approaches).  In recent years, the SuDS 'rainscape'  has been coordinated and funded by the Thames21 charities with the support of local volunteers.  If you follow their 10th Anniversary video link you'll get a strategic overview of clean up measures around the Thames and its tributaries.  (You might also recognise someone local.)  We've come a long way and our prospects are improving.

Good work has been accomplished on the Glen Brook SuDS with Project Manager Aimee Felus and 'interim' Elena von Benzon.  Yellow Irises were transplanted from obscurity on shady banks along the north
shore of Boxer's Lake and into the drainage pond beside Merryhills Drive.  More recently, solid mats of growing vegetation were moved into place along the filter beds of Glenbrook.  Why not go and admire the flowers, thriving in their new lush environment?  Aimee returned to this role after maternity leave but has now moved away and will devote more time to her growing family.  The improvement in quality of water flowing into Boxers Lake is impressive and encouraging.


Reduction (%)







Chemical Oxygen Demand


 According to Thames21 Thames Water seem to be making progress finding and resolving pollution entering from the upper outfall of Glenbrook to the SuDS system adjoining Boxers Lake.  They have carried out misconnection surveys in the Glenbrook catchment and found a number of houses with serious plumbing issues.  Builders are currently contributing to pollution entering the lake at the lower end. 


So far no surveys have so far been carried out for the other surface water outfalls that enter Boxers Lake.  Thames21 have been identified these to the Environment Agency who will decide how and when Thames Water prioritises them in surveys. They have completed drain marking with volunteers from Thames Water which should raise public awareness further.

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