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The Formalities


Constitution Clauses may be subject to revision and amendment according to changes affecting the Association.
Accounting Statements for 2020 are posted here below with Committee Approval. 
The 2021 AGM was cancelled under UK Government restrictions during the prolonged Corona Virus Epidemic.


1) Name.  The Association shall be known as “WESTERN ENFIELD RESIDENTS’ ASSOCIATION” and shall be strictly non-partisan.  It shall also be referred to, in abbreviated form, as “WERA”.

2) Objects.  The objects of the Association shall be: 

a) To foster and maintain active interest in local affairs.
b) To further the interests of and to promote friendly co-operation amongst the Residents described in Clause 3.

3) Membership.  Any adult resident in the Highlands Ward of Western Enfield may be accepted for membership at the discretion of the General Committee of the Association (hereinafter described as the ‘Committee’).


1) Officers.  At each Annual General Meeting the following honorary Officers shall be elected from the membership to serve on the Committee:

(a) President
(b) Chairman
(c) General Secretary
(d) Treasurer
(e) Other Officers appropriate to the functioning of the Committee.

2) Management.  The general and financial affairs of the Association shall be managed by the Committee comprising the Officers referred to in Rule 1.  The Committee shall have power to co-opt other members, not exceeding three, and to fill any temporary role in any official capacity of the Association.  The permanent Committee, in total, shall not exceed ten members.  A quorum for the Committee shall be six.  Members as indicated in Rule 5 will be welcome at all Committee Meetings and are entitled to speak on subjects under discussion but have no voting powers.

3) Annual General Meeting.  The Annual General Meeting shall be held on (or, as near as convenient, before or after) the 31st March.  Seven clear days’ notice shall be given to members with a copy of the Agenda and the audited Statements of Accounts (following close of prior Financial Year on 31st December).  The Annual General Meeting shall be open to all members of WERA.  Nominations for election of Officers and members to serve on the Committee and Notices of Motions, duly proposed and seconded, must be sent to the General Secretary in writing before the 30th March.

4) Extraordinary General Meeting.  An Extraordinary General Meeting of members may be convened at any time, either at the discretion of the Committee or on a requisition in writing to the General Secretary, signed by not less than 50 members and specifying the purpose for which the meeting is to be called.  The General Secretary shall convene the meeting within 21 days of the receipt of such requisition and seven clear days’ notice thereof shall be given to members specifying the purpose for which the meeting is called.

5) Subscriptions.  The Annual Subscription for membership shall be one pound (£1) and shall be due on the 1st April in each year.  This subscription covers full membership for the residing Head of each household and Partner (where applicable) and both such members are entitled to vote at meetings described in Rules 3 and 4.  Subscriptions shall be payable to the Treasurer, either direct or through any member of the Committee or other member approved by the Treasurer to act on his behalf.

6) Accounts.  The Treasurer shall be responsible for the Accounts of the Association and as soon as practicable after the close of the financial year shall submit the Accounts for audit to the Auditors of the Association, who shall have access to all necessary books and documents at any time.  Two Auditors shall be elected at each Annual General Meeting.

7) Bank Account.  Unless otherwise specially authorised by the Committee all monies shall be deposited by the Treasurer in a bank account approved by the Committee in the name of the Western Enfield Residents’ Association.  All cheques drawn thereon shall be signed by any two of the following Committee members:  President; Chairman; General Secretary; Treasurer.  No member shall be permitted to incur any expense or liability in the name of the Association without the sanction of the Committee.

8) Charitable Donations.  Charitable donations awarded by the Committee during the course of the financial year shall be entirely at its discretion, subject to availability of free funds within the accounts of the Association.  Such donations shall be non-political, non-conditional, jointly considered and reasonably proportionate.

9) Committee Meetings.  The Committee shall normally meet quarterly and at such other times as the Chairman shall deem expedient.  An Executive Committee consisting of Chairman, General Secretary and Treasurer shall be empowered to deal with matters of urgency arising between normal Committee Meetings.  A quorum for the Executive Committee shall be three.

10) Sub-Committees.  The Committee may identify or appoint Sub-Committees for such purposes as it deems expedient and may appoint Officers to serve on such Sub-Committees as necessary.  All Members of each Sub-Committee shall be subscribing residents.  Ward Envoys may be appointed for the purpose of collecting subscriptions and distributing membership material.  .

11) Affiliations.  At the discretion of the Committee, the Association may affiliate to other local groups, authorities and institutions.  To these it may pay subscriptions due and declare appropriate details.  It shall maintain an internet presence and distribute periodicals through which, in addition to information pertaining to WERA, it may publicise references and links promoting such outside entities.

12) Alteration of the Rules.  No new rules shall be made nor any rule amended or rescinded except by resolution carried by a majority of the members present and voting at an Annual General Meeting of the Association.  Such proposed revision or amendment shall be the subject of a Notice of Motion referred to in Rule 3.

13) Observance of English Law.  The Committee shall, at all times, operate lawfully; having particular regard for protection of data accumulated through contacts with residents.  Such data shall not be published or shared outside the Committee or its Ward Envoys.

14) Winding up.  The Association may be wound up by a resolution of the majority of the members present and voting at an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Association.  Any funds remaining in the Association shall be paid to such charities or organisations and in such shares as the majority of members present and voting at the Extraordinary General Meeting shall decide.  *****


The Annual Accounts of the Association for 2021 show an operating deficit of £347.54.  Reserves are more than adequate, despite termination of subscription based memhership. The Covid19 Pandemic continued to suppress normal activities. Official services and expertise were donated freely (and voluntarily) by the Committee with reimbursement of modest expenses.




Western Enfield Residents Association (WERA)







Income & Expenditure Account







Year Ending 31st December 2021



































Late Subscriptions for Prior Years







Donations to WERA







Interest on Deposits





















Printing Costs







Social Functions:  WERA







Donations to Charity







Room Hire







Subscriptions:  FERAA







Zoom Conference Subscription







Rent (Notice Board, Jolly Farmers)







Expenses (Secretarial / Chairman / Envoys)







Web Site renewal





















Surplus / Deficit on Normal Activities




























Balance Sheet at 31.12.21







General Fund 














Opening Balance







Surplus / Deficit on Normal Activities














Represented by







Santander Current Account







Santander Business Saver Account







Cash in hand














All values entered in GBP (£)














WERA: Final Newsletters Only







None Requested Due to Lockdown







Temporary Provision During Lockdown







Rental Payment (£5) Duplicated














Signed:  (John Allan) Treasurer







Countersigned:  (Stephen Elston) Auditor




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